Andel open for NHS business

Andel Plastics have been able to remain open during the Covid-19 lockdown. Having a toolroom in-house in the UK has been a massive advantage and the toolmaker team have pulled out all the stops for NHS tooling and moulding to help in the fight.

Andel are still working to prioritise tooling for the NHS and have capacity to spare.

Working with a introduction from Warwick Manufacturing Group, Andel Plastics designed and manufactured a two impression tool to increase testing.  Within two days Andel had designed and moulded samples for Total Precision in Derbyshire. Samples were tested and approved by Chesterfield Hospital. A total turnaround from enquiry to product supply of two weeks.

Total Precision admittedly usually purchase their injection mould tooling from China, which was why they approached WMG for a recommendation of a UK based toolmaker.  After this first project Andel and Total worked together on a face visor injection mould tool, which Andel manufactured in just 8 days.  Enabling Total Precision to start moulding a 40’000 order of Face Visor frames for Liniar to put together and distribute nationwide.

face visor tooling

Face Visor mouldflow

Managing Director Helena Flowers commented that she hoped this was the start of a future partnership, with Total sourcing injection mould tools from Andel and the UK.  ‘What we have shown, I hope is that we the UK can compete on timescales and price.  With the added bonus of a secure supply chain, the same time zones and quality products.”  A lot has changed in UK manufacturing in the last ten years we have had to be innovative and competitive whilst keeping the Great British Quality customers expect.  Hopefully, almost being forced to test us out, has shown new customers that we can meet their expectations and possibly exceed it too.