multicavity injection mould tool
Multicavity fully hardened tooling

Injection mould Toolmaking

The quality of an injection moulded component relies upon good design and the accuracy of the mould tool.

Andel Plastics has built a strong reputation for manufacturing precision engineered tooling. Delivering engineering excellence through investment in our people and equipment.

Our capabilities range from the simplest open and shut tools, to multicavity auto-unscrewing tools.  We design our own collapsing cores for internal thread components and features.  With a wealth of expertise with insert and over moulding tool design and components, Andel can help reduce post operation assemblies to ensure robust components.


In response to customer requests,  we now to offer aluminium tooling, this enables us to support our customers by manufacturing  prototype or low volume mould tools or inserts. Providing the opportunity to take a lessons learnt approach from prototyping into production tool design.

Andel has a standard bolster set available to customers, which means reduced toolmaking costs for small production or prototyping requirements.

During the tool design process we  perform mould flow on the components to ensure the best tool design and conditions for moulding.  Whether that be small lot or mass production our aim is to achieve the best product possible.

Being in the same factory, our in-house toolroom gives us a competitive advantage, by reducing downtimes on production for maintenance or modifications.

That being said, we do also manufacture tooling for other moulders as well as mould other manufacturers tools.

Due to the aggressive nature of the magnetic material, good tool maintenance is key to the lifespan of the tool. Being able to offer this service in-house enhances the productivity of a magnet mould tool.

So confident are we in the quality of our production tooling, that we provide a ten-year no maintenance guarantee for tools we design, manufacture and mould* .

*excludes magnet and aluminium tooling

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