We have a fully equipped injection moulding facility with twenty machines ranging from 30 to 200 tonnes.

With a flexible approach to manufacturing, we are able to offer sampling and small batch runs all the way through to volume production and post-operative assembly. Likewise, we mould tools that we have manufactured ourselves or are supplied by our customers.

Our quality control systems meet all the requirements of ISO9001 and we embrace continuous improvement to ensure that these standards are maintained and evolve.
We have built our reputation on our quality and engineering excellence and can provide you with a robust component, designed to reduce post-operations and ease assembly. However, if required we are able to offer a range of post moulding operations and assembly.

During our first 42 years we have developed an enviable knowledge and wealth of experience using a wide range of materials and techniques for injection moulding.  We continue to invest in the latest machinery and automation to meet Industry 4.0 requirements.

We are at the forefront of the insert and overmoulding processes and this experience has ensured that we have the capability to incorporate flexibility into the design of the injection moulding tool, thus enabling us to accommodate the wider tolerances of metal parts, that are then overmoulded.

Our capabilities with the insert and overmoulding processes has enabled us to lead the pace of the trend to replace metal with plastic components. Working closely with our suppliers and customers we have provided intelligently engineered solutions to design and manufacture plastic parts in replacement of metal components.  During this engineering developmental work we have confronted many of the technical issues that are faced when doing this, and have engineered solutions. We provide a value added manufacturing solution, whilst maintaining the integrity and stability that a normal metal component would provide.

Working with our partners in the medical sector has given us the good manufacturing procedures, to enable us to inspect and package medical components in our Class 7 clean room environment, ensuring that medical components reach our customers contaminate free. It is part of our forward plan to implement regulated certification to ISO13485 to further assure our customers of our quality and procedures.


We are certified to ISO9001 you can download our policy here