Manufacturing to lead UK recovery

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As part of a survey with Made in Group members, 73% of respondents¬†believed that “Manufacturing will lead the UK to a recovery in 2021” – with 27% of remaining respondents responding “Maybe”. We spoke to some of our members to provide further thoughts on what will be vital if the manufacturing industry is going to lead a UK recovery in 2021?

Helena Flowers our Managing Director Of Andel and Maxmag Moulded Magnets along with

Jim Mangan, CEO of The Sempre Group

Joanne Munns, Director of Ductec Ltd

Gareth Jones, Managing Director of In-Comm Training and Business Services

Rebecca Waterfield, Head of Employer Engagement at South & City Colllege Birmingham

Shared their thoughts on why and how they believe the manufacturing sector will rise to the challenge to support the UK’s economic recovery from the Pandemic.

Helena said :

Uk manufacturing

UK toolmakers

“I think in 2021 manufacturing will lead a recovery across the UK. We have already seen the adaption of manufacturing challenges so that now 70% of PPE is UK sourced. I believe that the more businesses and Government will look at supply chain security in the coming months. ¬†If they give the Domestic market a chance to demonstrate how we have invested and improved over last two decades … they will see we are best placed to offer the full package of services. Offering the best value added service and product they can get.

Looking as a whole we are more economical and environmentally friendly, without those added shipment and travel costs to support a foreign supply chain. I hope we see more decisions from the government to procure their defence supplies, ships etc in the UK as they can lead the change in mindset. Manufacturing has always been the backbone of Britain and I think this pandemic has highlighted the need to support and grow it for future generations.”