Design & Polymers

Design & Materials

With our vast expertise we can ensure a quality robust components by offering an intelligent approach to part and tooling design.

At Andel we like to build relationships with our customers, which means getting involved in a project from the concept stage. Customers can come to us with an initial idea, which can be as straightforward as a sketch or  with full CAD models.

We find this approach, of being involved at the early stages of a project provides the best outcome all round. Ensuring that we understand the mechanical requirements and working environments of a component, means that our design feasibility is carried out not only with the injection mould tool design in mind. We are able to use our in-house mouldflow analysis system to advise on any potential issues with design.

The ever increasing demands on our environment requires components to be simplified, enabling ease of manufacture and reducing post operations.  As such early involvement enables us to intelligently apply our expertise to design out many potential toolmaking and moulding challenges.

Different polymers offer different characteristics, which may be more suitable to the component specifications for strength or working environments.  Being able to provide our experience in a wide range of materials lends itself to achieving the desired result.

Andel Plastics now offers a mouldflow analysis using the Visiflow system, which will enable us to analyse potential issues with moulding of certain polymers and work with our suppliers to offer alternative options.

Maxmag Moulded Magnets, has developed magnetic materials, providing a variety of magnetic strengths for diverse applications.     This material can be supplied direct to other moulders, or we can mould fully magnetised components.  Our Ferrite Filled Polypropylene has been approved by WRAS for cold water contact.