Clean Room Open For Business

Class 7 Cleanroom

Friday 7th November saw the completion phase in the works to install a class 8 clean room at Andel Plastics.

Those who attended the Made in the Midlands awards ceremony at Wolverhampton Science Park, will know that Andel collected a Manufacturing Achievement Award partly for the investment and diversification into the medical field.

The final certification of the clean room, installed by Airology Ltd, with the help of funding from the Business Innovation Grant starts the businesses 40th year with the aim of making it the most successful yet.

Andel Plastics already has a service level agreement in place for medical device packaging, with a new project for assembly coming on line in 2015.

Though the Clean room has been built with enough capacity for the future work that Andel hopes to win as they take their new additional service to the market place.

Andel now boasts a fully equipped toolroom with £200K worth of investment within the last two years and two trainee toolmakers. A full injection moulding facility and now a clean room for the future. The new clean room supervisor will be starting with us in a couple of weeks, taking the total jobs created in the last two years to five out of a total of twenty.

We would of course like to take this opportunity to thank Made in the Midlands for acknowledging our investment and drive to maintain manufacturing and invest in the future.

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