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Ultrasonic Welding

Sometimes the design of a component will be too complex or expensive to be moulded in an injection mould tool.  Often this requires components to be joined together post moulding. Our aim is to provide our customers with as finished a component as possible, reducing the additional costs of secondary operation and transport between subcontractors. […]

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Mouldflow Analysis

Mouldflow analysis service With the acquisition of a Visiflow mouldflow analysis software system, Andel is now able to offer a mouldflow analysis of  the moulding process.  This enables such variables as the gate position to be altered to provide information on possible areas of concern. Carrying out this analysis within the early stages of a project […]

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Aluminium Tooling

Aluminium tooling and inserts Our customers asked, so we listened, Andel Plastics now offer aluminium tooling and inserts for prototyping and/or low volume production.  This enables us to provide quicker prototyping solutions for our customers, then to take a lessons learned approach into the production tooling. We only use tooling grade aluminium, which when cared for […]

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