Award winning manufacturing facility

Award winning 40th year

four awards in four weeks for forty years.

2015 has been the ultimate year in Andel Plastics history.  One year on from a management buyout that saw Helen Flowers and Graham Robinson take over driving the Andel vehicle from Helen’s parents the efforts of succession plan have been rewarded with four industry awards. 

The 40th year celebrations took place at Andel’s new premises on the 24th September, with the Lord Mayor of Birmingham there to share in the celebrations and cut the cake.  The day was commerated with customers, suppliers and employee’s old and new with their family and friends.  The day was a great success with the Lord Mayor of Birmingham taking part in proceedings with a factory tour, showing great enthusiasm for manufacturing and it’s success stories. 

Following these celebrations Andel was awarded the ‘Company of the Year status by Industrial Process News a well respected publication for the industrial sector for the work done over the last 12 months.

This success was added to with an award the ‘Best full manufacturing service UK’ by the European Corporate Excellence Awards 2015.  These awards are about identifying and honouring the most respected companies and C-level executives, whilst recognising and rewarding outstanding performance, success, innovation and ethics across the European business community.

Third, Andel was lucky enough to be finalists in two categories for the very prestigious Plastics Industry Awards.  Entrants for the first time, being shortlisted, let alone finalists was a huge achievement for Andel, one of the smaller businesses within the awards.   It was with much excitement and pride that Graham Robinson and his Son Matthew were invited on stage to accept the award for Best Business Initiative.    This is a great recognition of the work that has been undertaken by Barrie and Andrea Flowers in taking the huge step of implementing a succession plan to ensure their work of 40 years could be carried on securely into the future.  It started 8 years ago with the decision to move factory and bring in a Technical Director to work with their daughter Helen, who had been running the business with them for 20 years.  Things were planned so well that Helen and the new Director Graham Robinson were able to do a management buy out ahead of schedule and implement their own expansion plans.  It was for all this work as a whole that Andel won this very prestigious award, Graham has commented that it is like ‘winning the FA cup final’

Fourth for the fortieth year has been achieving the Runner up position in the final of the Manufacturing Achievement Award for Made in the Midlands. This award was received for the investment and expansion over the business of the last twelve months.  Including increasing the turnover by 30% and the employees by another 20% including four new apprentices.  Helen and Graham, who collected the award in a ceremony in Birmingham, were happy to comment that they needed to work harder next year to secure the number one spot.

Andel still have entries in two more awards for the year.  They are finalists in the Birmingham Business Awards 2015, for Best Manufacturer which will be announced February 2016.  They are also entrants for a Queens Excellence Award.  So watch this space, there may be a reason to invest in a tropy cabinet.

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