Aluminium Tooling

Aluminium tool prototype inserts

Prototype aluminium inserts for vertical press

Aluminium tooling and inserts

Our customers asked, so we listened, Andel Plastics now offer aluminium tooling and inserts for prototyping and/or low volume production. 

This enables us to provide quicker prototyping solutions for our customers, then to take a lessons learned approach into the production tooling.

We only use tooling grade aluminium, which when cared for during the moulding process can provide a reasonable lifetime of component production.  As we have experience of moulding with aluminium tooling we are confident the lifespan of our tooling will serve our customers well.

Aluminium tooling can provide cost effective tooling, particularly useful for short lived fast changing products, such as point of sale. Though the question of longevity will rely on polymer choice, for example glass fillers will shorten the lifespan of tooling.

Andel Plastics have invested in a standard bolster set that we have developed to further reduce tooling costs, by only requiring a set of inserts to be manufactured for the cavities.  Though we cannot cover all component sizes and requirements for slides, this is a good thing to consider when looking at tooling.  All customers inserts can be held securely on the premises when not fitted into the bolster set.

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