multicavity injection mould tool
Multicavity fully hardened tooling


The quality of an injection moulded component relies upon good design and the accuracy of the mould tool.

Andel Plastics has gained a strong reputation for manufacturing precision engineered tooling to the highest quality and accuracy. Delivering engineering excellence through investment in our people and equipment.

In 2019 we began to offer aluminium tooling, having listened to our customers’ who wanted us to handle their prototyping tools or inserts. Giving us the opportunity to take lessons learnt from prototyping into the production tooling.

Our capabilities range from the simplest open and shut tools, to multicavity auto-unscrewing tools.  With our vast experience in over moulding and insert moulding we can engineer a solution for most situations.

So confident are we in the quality of our production tooling, that we provide a ten-year no maintenance guarantee for tools we design, manufacture and mould* .

Being in the same factory, our in-house toolroom gives us a competitive advantage over our competitors, by reducing downtimes on production for maintenance. That being said, we do also manufacture tooling for other moulders as well as mould other manufacturers tools.

We offer a proactive approach to project management, from component feasibility and design through to aluminium prototype tooling, P20 and fully hardened tool manufacture, mould sampling and volume production.

Due to the aggressive nature of the magnetic material, good tool maintenance is key to the lifespan of the tool. Being able to offer this service in-house enhances the productivity of a magnet mould tool.

*excludes magnet and aluminium tooling

  • Design for manufacture
  • Prototype aluminium tooling /inserts
  • Production and multi cavity tooling
  • Auto unscrewing mechanisms
  • Collapsing cores
  • Insert and overmould tooling
  • Jigs and fixtures
  • Tool modifications & repairs

electrode manufacture